Welcome to P-services

Congratulations on your (new) job! We would also like to welcome you to P-services.

On this website you will find an explanation of who you will be dealing with in your work situation. We also ask you to take time to read our important information. This will ensure that you are properly prepared for your work.

We hope you enjoy your work!

Important information for when you start to work via P-services

Before you start your work, we kindly request that you carefully read the information on this page. This information is important for you and will help make a good start.

Information for employees
This information explains to you everything you need to know as an employee of P-services. Examples are our methods of working as regards timekeeping, salary payment, taking leave, etc. Study the information for employees.

Uwarbo absenteeism regulations
If you become ill, there are a number of rules you have to comply with. For example, if you fall ill, you must call in sick in person before 10.00 a.m. to the company where you would be working as well as to Uwarbo our telephone number +31 (0)342 401 209. Study the absenteeism regulations.

Safety instructions
As an employer we want to avoid accidents and create safe and healthy working conditions for you as an employee. Study the safety instructions.

Personal portal
When you start working via P-services you will also start using your personal portal. In that secure online environment you will find all your personal documents relating to your employment. Examples are your employment contract, your hours worked, expense claims, wage slips and your annual income statement.

Why am I going to work via P-services?

The organisation you work for has decided to assign its personnel administration tasks to P-services. The reason for this is that maintaining personal records is a time-consuming and complicated business.

We, as P-services, also take over the entire role of employer from our client. P-services staff are fully aware of the legislation and regulations that apply to employment. They make sure that everything is properly arranged for you as an employee.

You will therefore receive what you are entitled to as regards salary, pension, number of days leave, etc.

How things work at P-services?

As an employee you can rest assured that we correctly apply the rules and legislation and govern employment. We believe that it is important that it is clear to you who your employer is and that you are employed in a safe, healthy and enjoyable working environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your employment!

It is important that you know that several parties are involved in your employment situation. These are:

you, as the employee;

the organisation you are going to work for, our client;

us, P-services, as your legal employer.

Due to there being three related parties involved, we refer to this as a triangular relationship.

What is the registration procedure?

You will always be registered via our client or your intermediary according to a number of fixed steps:

  1. You will have had your interview with our client or your intermediary. You will already have made a copy of your identity card and jointly signed the document to show that the validity of your identity card has been checked.
  2. Our client or your intermediary will fill in your personal details together with you, as well as the rest of the details such as wage, job, where you are going to work and the contract start and end date. Our client will then send all these details with a copy of your identity document to P-services.
  3. Once P-services has received your registration you will be sent a welcome message and login details for your personal portal.
  4. Your employment contract will become available in your personal portal within one week (and a link to the approval will be sent by email + a text message with verification code) as well as the following annexes:
     1. SHE form and
     2. - if applicable - a form about successive employers.
  5. If you have signed your contract digitally, your contract with P-services HR group will be definitive.

From that moment on, you will be able to find your personal documents and wage slips in your personal portal. It goes without saying that we treat your details carefully and confidentially. We will never issue them to a third party without your prior permission.

It goes without saying that you can always call us if you have any questions about the portal. Our support colleagues can be contacted on +31(0)342 - 401 209. They would be only too pleased to help!


CLA is the abbreviation for a Collective Labour Agreement. This document contains the agreements which apply to all employees within a certain company or a certain sector. This means, for example, agreements about working hours, remuneration, leave days, pension schemes, overtime rules, regulations governing illness and accidents, safety, dismissal regulations, pregnancy and parental leave and training.

Which CLA applies to me?
Your employment contract stipulates which temporary employment CLA applies to you. You will also receive a copy in your personal portal.

You can download the temporary employment CLA under which you (are going to) work using the link alongside. Your terms and conditions of employment differ on the six following points:

  • wage;
  • reduction in working hours (ADV);
  • allowances/overtime;
  • net expense allowance;
  • periodical wage increases (e.g. birthday, number of years of service, 26 weeks worked rule);
  • initial wage increases (e.g. employees' wages increased by a certain percentage at a certain moment in the year due to a change to the CLA).

With regard to these six points we are, in fact, obliged to observe our client's CLA. You can find details of this in your employment contract (to be found in your personal portal).

Health insurance

Have you taken out health insurance yet? If not we may be able to help you. If you want us to assist, please indicate this on the registration form.


If you require a speedy response to a personal question, we would be only too pleased to help!

How to contact P-services by telephone
P-services can be contacted on +31 (0)342 - 401 209 on Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Submit your question by email
You can, of course, also submit your question by email via info@p-services.nl. We will try to respond to your email as quickly as possible. If you include your telephone number in your email message, we will also be able to call you back.